About migishi atelier

This atelier is designed by Iwao Yamawaki  who studied  at the Bauhaus in Germany.
My painter’s grandfather Koutaro Migishi painted the design of this atelier.
In July 1934 he died of stomach ulcers in Nagoya, but the atelier was completed in October,1934.

MIGISHI Atelier 1934

After that, because of the air raid Second World War, all the glasses were destroyed, my painter’s grandmother  Setsuko Migishi was an oil painter, so she gave a picture on the window. In 1958,  rebuilt the floor, etc.

In 1968,Migishi family went to a France, my family built an apartment, break  the first atelier, we came, but my family did not use this atelier some parts.

Since 2011, I held events and classrooms at the atelier and participated in  town community sponsored by the Nakano volunteer center. No reservation is needed from 13 o’clock to 15 o’clock on the fourth Thursday of every month.
It became a registered tangible cultural asset of the country in 2014.
It was listed on DOCOMOMO-Japan Selection in 2017.

Rental space atelier M
I lend it ,10000 yen per hour.


MIGISHI Atelier 2017

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